In our last blog (click here to give it a read!) we looked at how we started to become a more sustainable business, the knock-on effects it’s caused, and some great ideas you can take to start your business off on the sustainable journey! Now we’re comfortably further along the sustainable road, we’re working towards our B-Corp certification too. If you’re a small to medium-sized business in the UK and you’re looking to take your ESG plan to the next level, here are some steps you can take to become a B Corp certified business:

  1. Measure Your Carbon Footprint

The first step in reducing your carbon footprint is to measure it. This involves calculating the amount of carbon emissions your business produces, which can be done using online tools or by working with a sustainability consultant. This will help you understand where your business’s emissions are coming from and identify areas where you can make changes.

  1. Set Goals

Once you have measured your carbon footprint, the next step is to set goals for reducing it. This could involve reducing energy consumption, using more sustainable materials, or changing your transportation methods. Whatever your goals are, make sure they are specific, measurable, and achievable.

  1. Make Changes

Now it’s time to put your goals into action. This could involve making changes to your business operations, such as switching to renewable energy or implementing a waste reduction program. It’s important to involve your employees in these changes, as they can help you identify areas where improvements can be made and can also help you implement new practices.

  1. Get Certified

Becoming a B Corp certified business requires you to meet certain standards of social and environmental performance. These standards include things like using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and treating employees fairly. To become certified, you’ll need to complete an assessment and meet a minimum score, which is reviewed by B Lab, the non-profit organization that certifies B Corps.

  1. Maintain Your Certification

Once you have become a B Corp certified business, it’s important to maintain your certification by continuing to improve your social and environmental performance. This could involve setting new goals, implementing new practices, or working with suppliers to improve sustainability. By taking these steps, small to medium-sized businesses in the UK can improve their carbon footprint and become B Corp certified businesses. Not only will this help to protect the environment, but it will also help to build trust with customers and employees who are increasingly looking for businesses that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility.

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