What are the benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for businesses? 

When you think AI, you might think of wild Sci-Fi scenarios and stuff from the movies. From ‘I can’t let you do that Hal’ to Data from Star Trek, we imagine AI doing incredible things but in realty it’s much more useful to our everyday lives.  Surprisingly, we come across AI more than we think already. A lot of businesses employ AI to combat several different issues. Here’s just a few! 

  • Smart Filters in our Emails to block out Spam.
  • Voice to Text on our phones so we can text whilst driving safely. 
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention to stop people scamming businesses. 
  • Adobe Photoshop has its incredible Content Aware feature baked in that’ll detect what’s going on in the images and fill in any blanks with incredible detail. 

These are just a handful of the vast number of uses AI can having in business. AI is becoming more and more accessible to the everyday user. Microsoft buying out OpenAI company and incorporating it into Bing is a huge step forward, and it makes Bing a possible Google contender! ChatGPT is their latest free(ish) to use tool that lets anybody generate whatever text they want through AI. 

Whole companies have formed around ChatGPT and using it in your business. For example, ChatGPT can be infused into various unified communications platforms to interact with your customers. There are businesses using the AI to answer customer queries, give directions, even suggest uses for products & offering some recipes in some cases! Every business is different, and AI might not be right for your business as there are some drawbacks. Lets look at 3 Benefits and 3 Drawbacks of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your business. 

  1. ChatGPT can become your first point of contact, saving your company money! 
    Instead of hiring multiple people to become your businesses first point of contact for customers, in theory, you’ll be able to save money by having AI do it for you. You can train ChatGPT based on a set of responses, rather than a huge number of data points, which means it’s programmed quite quickly (a fraction of the time it takes to train employees) 
  2. It’s not just a language generator, but it analyses too!
    This means that AI can help to vet and score potential leads your business has. By analysing the language used in replies from potential customers, ChatGPT can give you an idea based on hundreds of thousands of conversations of how likely it is for your lead to convert based on their language in messages to you. 
  3. It helps to streamline your marketing messages 
    A nice and easy way to start getting into using AI is for marketing! It’s as easy as typing in what kind of marketing copy you want it to write (and even how many versions you want) and ChatGPT will churn out some copies for you! It’s recommended you add some of your own flair to these texts to give it more of a human touch though. 

AI in business sounds amazing, and for the most part it is! But whilst the technology is developing it’s worth considering the drawbacks it currently comes with. 

  1. The data ChatGPT uses isn’t 100% up to date. 
    ChatGPT uses data (at the time of writing this blog) up until 2019, which means it’s not incredibly well versed on recent events! This could be so the public can’t use current world events to make ChatGPT say something it’d regret at the time, or it could be a drawback of the software. We can’t know for sure but if you’re asking it write something based on facts, it’s worth double-checking it’s work. People have also been stress-testing ChatGPT and they regularly find factual-inaccuracies which if you don’t double check your text can land you in some trouble!
  2. The text it writes can be, unsurprisingly, robotic. 
    It’s great for creating some prompts, but because it needs to strike a happy medium between being conversational and professional, ChatGPT can often come across as robotic and not very human. You must be reasonably good at copywriting to use ChatGPT, as in its current state it still needs editing to make it ready for social media! 
  3. If your customer doesn’t know they’re speaking to a robot, the robot might not understand them! 
    One of the most common uses of AI in business is as a first point of contact for customers, but if it’s not clear to your customer that they’re speaking to a robot they will probably use slang words. ChatGPT has some trouble with slang at the moment, mostly because of how it’s been made and tested in lab conditions with perfect English. As more people use ChatGPT this problem will eventually get solved as it learns, but it’s a slow learning curve! 

Would you use Artificial Intelligence for your business? And if so, when, and how? 

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