Mobile has always been an important part of the communications package and essential in creating an efficient, remote workforce. The ability to communicate while on the move, check e-mails and access important work apps has appealed to a range of different businesses, big and small.

In simple terms, our Mobile product simply refers to the marrying of mobile airtime (that is, minutes, texts and data) with mobile hardware, such as smartphones, tablets or other connected devices. Mobile is developing at a rapid rate too, with new functionality and capabilities that empowers users to truly work from anywhere. 

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Unlimited data for remote working

The first immediate advantage to mobile, more specifically mobile data, is it’s not fixed! Broadband is less flexible in that sense and so with a mobile you can take your work with you, wherever you’re planning to go. This means accessing crucial work apps, with options for tethering, while on the move or away from the office.

Data caps are no longer an issue either, with Unlimited Data tariffs coming to market back in 2019 available on all the major networks, unlimited data does exactly what it says on the tin – it is truly unlimited data! With caps only coming into play when roaming (even then, they are generous). 

On a very basic level, unlimited data can act as a sort of back up to what would be a standard broadband connection – if the broadband goes down, unlimited data is there, using the mobile network connection to power your work. Again, you can tether this data with no restrictions, so more than one person can even jump on to the connection if required. 

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If unlimited data isn’t for you, there are other cost-effective tariffs in the market, offered by MID Digital Solutions. These include data share tariffs, such as Business Advance from Vodafone, lower level data plans, Sim Only (SIMO) and even Business Flex with O2, which allows users to flex their tariff up and down each month (terms and conditions apply).

Work at speed with 5G

You could be forgiven for thinking that unlimited data tariffs, while great, are not going to get you the same speeds as your current broadband. While this might be partially truthful, with the 5G roll out continuing at pace it’s about to change! It’s suggested that in full flight, 5G will be around a hundred times faster than the current 4G technology – the Consumer Technology Association pointed out that, at this speed, you could download a two-hour movie in just 3.6 seconds on 5G, versus 6 minutes on 4G or 26 hours on 3G (1 – How to Geek, 2020). 5G speeds and unlimited data are the perfect match, allowing users within your business a superfast work-phone experience, wherever they are.

Let’s talk hardware

Mobile airtime and data aren’t much use without compatible hardware. Tablet / laptop crossovers, 5G smartphones and mobile network routers have all come to the fore within the last 5 years, and help users to take full advantage of all that mobile has to offer. Users can now pair their mobile airtime contract with top quality tech to take their remote working experience even further and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Samsung is one manufacturer that is empowering remote workers with their DeX product – it’s a simple concept in that it simply connects your phone to desktop PC, but the real selling point is the functionality. With a compatible device, Samsung DeX allows you to cast a PC-like experience to the big screen with the same apps you use on your phone every day. You can use DeX mode on your monitor while simultaneously using different apps on your device, or turn your device in to an input device to control the DeX environment. This means taking your smartphone anywhere you need (such as an alternative office location) hooking it up to a monitor and being able to work – in a lot of ways it completely removes the need for a laptop.

Another piece of hardware that is bridging the gap between phones and laptops / PC is tablets. They are more capable than ever, with devices like the Apple iPad Pro boasting smart pens and Bluetooth to connect wireless mouse’s and keyboards. A fantastically priced product that offers very similar capability is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it’s got the longest name and an even longer list of everything it can do! It takes full capability of Samsung DEX and comes with an S-Pen in the box. The 12.4” screen creates a fantastic workspace and is surprisingly light and portable. They benefit from being more portable than a laptop, yet in some cases just as powerful, with some being able to handle sophisticated programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite. It’s an ideal solution for those who are frequent travellers, plus, by pairing it with a mobile tariff, there’s no need to continuously hunt down a WiFi signal.

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For those working in more challenging environments, such as construction sites, warehouses or even retail, rugged device manufacturers are ensuring you can still take your device with you. With a range of options available from the likes of Samsung, Cat Phones and Hammer, all devices of this type are designed to withstand extreme conditions through a rugged build and even specialist features, such as the thermal imaging camera on the Cat S62 Pro.

Deployment made easy

With staff working remotely and in multiple locations it can sometimes be difficult to retain control of your mobile fleet. It’s important to ensure staff are running the same OS, have downloaded the latest security patches and are using data appropriately when on their work device. With a comprehensive MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform, admin users can manage the fleet from a cloud-based platform. MDM solutions can vary in capability, but well-known providers include MaaS360, AirWatch and Soti.

MID Digital Solutions can support you end-to-end with your mobile deployment

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1: How to Geek – What is 5G, and how fast will it be?, 2020. Link here.

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