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We’re immensely proud to be one of O2’s Partners as they believe in our abilities to provide outstanding, world-class customer support and service, as well as offer a high level of digital knowledge and expertise in the marketplace.

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O2 have 5G in over 1000
towns and cities


Award Winning

Awarded Best Network for Reliability
by Global Wireless Solutions
(GWS) in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Choice of contract length

From 30 days to 36 months

Data Rollover

Unused data will be automatically
rolled over to the next month

Flexible Tariffs

Business tariffs are flexible,
so you can flex your data up or down

Experienced Digital Advisors

With over 20 years experience,
MID Digital Solution’s Digital Advisors
can get you up & running in no time!

Free eu roaming

Europe Zone roaming included in
your UK allowance

Unrivalled Service

Our service is why customers
stay with us.


Get the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max for your Business

Get the iPhone 15 & 15 Plus for your business


Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer.
Are MID Digital Solutions a 3rd Party?
As an O2 Business Franchise Partner, we have been carefully selected to join O2’s extensive Direct Partner Network as we offer a localised and personalised end to end customer experience.
Do I pay my O2 Mobile bill to O2 or MID Digital Solutions?
As we are a direct partner of the O2 Network, you will receive an O2 Bill direct from the network with access to their award-winning billing platform. You can log into MyO2 for Business by clicking this link
How do I make changes to my tariff, such as increasing data allowances?
We have made our business tariffs flexible so that you can change your tariff once every billing cycle. Call your dedicated Account Manager on their direct line to discuss further.
Can I change my tariff and handset mid-way through a contract?
That depends on your agreement. We can fast-track upgrade our sim-only plans to handset tariffs at any time.
Can you cap my data allowance to avoid unnecessary bill charges?
Yes. On our individual small business tariffs we can add spend caps to your individual numbers. These can be added at various amounts starting at £0, so you can cap data allowance, premium calls, premium text messages, and MMS.

Ask us about Business Mobile

As part of our culture of customer service, we don’t use call centres.

Our customers have a dedicated account manager they can call for anything they need.

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