Refurbished Devices

Consider buying Fully Refurbished Devices for your business. 
Save Money & Cut Down on your Carbon Footprint
and still keep up the quality you expect from new devices. 
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Why buy from MID-refurbished?

Buying refurbished is great for the environment! A new phone will generate over 180kg of CO2 over it’s lifetime, but buying refurbished saves 77kg in just 1 year.

Save money but still get the same great devices when buying them refurbished! You can even trade your old devices in to get even better value. Same high quality, but cheaper.

We’re so confident in the level of quality our refurbished devices provide, they all come with a 1 year warranty with an option to upgrade to a 3 year warranty.

Thanks to innovations in refurbishing techniques, our devices retain peak performance as if they were new out the box! These devices keep their optimal performance.

Our 30-point inspection covers everything. We thoroughly check the devices software, hardware, and cosmetics so your devices will look great, as well as works great too! 

You won’t be limited for choice when choosing to buy refurbished. We’re always updating our stock to give you access to the latest devices, at a more affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer.
what's the differences between 2nd hand and refurbished?

A 2nd hand device may not have had any checks done to it. A lot of 2nd hand checks will spend an average of 6 minutes checking over a device, before they decide to re-sell it. A Refurbished Device will have been inspected, repairs made where necessary, and approved by multiple people before being allowed to be resold. 

Are Refurbished Products reliable?

Absolutely! We even offer a free 1 year warranty to back that up to, and there’s an option to extend that to 3 years for better peace of mind. All of our refurbished devices go through a complete 30 point inspection before they get into your hands. The 30 point inspection covers everything, and we replace the parts in the device, with original manufacturer parts, that don’t meet our strict standards.

do you buy phones back?

Yes we do. When we bring you a telecoms solution for your business, we give you the option to sell your old phones back to us. We can either pay directly into your bank account, or set it up as your hardware fund so you pay even less for your new devices. 

Do you include open box returns as refurbished?

Some of our devices we supply may be an open box return, but every single device we supply, including these returns, will have to have gone through that 30 point inspection. Even if the box has just been opened in front of us, we’ll still put it through our 30-point inspection to ensure there are no issues and we can confidently supply it with a warranty. 

Who does your refurbishing?

We’re proud to partner with Teqex for our refurbished devices. They are required to meet strict government guidelines when servicing refurbsihed devices, as they supply the NHS, several governments around the UK, and loads more. 


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