AI is a bit of a buzzword in the business world right now. Many big businesses have already started to employ AI chat bots as a first point of contact for customers, and its divided marketers, managers, and CEOs alike. There’s plenty of uses for AI to help enhance your workflow, and here are our top-3 uses for AI!

  1. Goblin Tools

Goblin Tools is an organisational app. This AI tool has some incredibly clever features that give it perfect applications for businesses. There’re 6 features built into Goblin Tools, but the 2 I want to draw your attention to are the Magic To-Do and Compiler. If you’ve ever struggled to properly organise tasks in your calendar, or even start a task that you don’t know much about, then these easy to use and free features will honestly change your life as they’ve changed mine.

The Magic To-Do list is probably my favourite AI tool in this entire list! You simply put in the task you need to do, and Goblin Tools breaks this down into achievable goals and it even gives you how long it’ll take for you to complete each individual tasks. The Magic wand button allows you to break different tasks down even further and gives you an aesthetically pleasing list of tasks to achieve, and a rough estimate on when you’ll have them completed by.

The Compiler feature on the app is fantastic as well. If you’re a bit of a scatter brain like me, then a good old fashioned brain dump comes naturally to you! Organising Ideas & tasks isn’t allowing my strong suit, so being able to dump all my ideas, tasks to complete, and things to do into a text box and have AI sort it out for me is an absolute godsend. You then simply send those items into Magic-To Do where you can break those items down with the magic wand.

  1. Canva

Canva has a multitude of AI tools to use to get you started with anything from designing posts, blogs, newsletters, and more. Like Goblin Tools, Canva has a multitude of AI tools to use but instead of being based around organisation, they’re marketing, and promotional images based.

Magic Design is the first tool and has recently had a huge revamp from Canva. It’s easy to use as well. Simply type your prompt into the search bar, and Canva starts creating your own custom templates based on assets already apart of Canva. I love this one as you’re using art created by a proper artist but has been cleverly put together & designed by AI. This means you’ve pretty much got loads of 1st drafts and templates to choose from before you start editing.

top tip – Never use the first template without editing! What the AI can’t do yet is customise the designs to fit your companies branding, plus if somebody else uses the same prompt you risk using the same design as them!

There’re also some great photo & video editing tools built into Canva that make some complex editing techniques just a click of a button away! Background Eraser is by far the most powerful. Not only erasing the background of photos but videos as well. This makes it amazing for quickly creating engaging content for a multitude of platforms, including TikTok.

  1. Tiny Wow

The final AI Tool that’s lesser known to businesses is Tiny Wow. Tiny wow is the best go-to for those little tasks like converting files, changing up PDF’s, change the background of images, converting audio to text, and so much more.

It’s a great tool to roll out to and is sure to take some pressure off your IT department as well. The best way to put it to use would be as a first port of call for doing almost anything IT related. It’s a great one-stop shop for a lot of computers related how-tos and much easier than googling it!

I use these tools almost every day & they’ve helped improve my workflow, not replace it! The key to using AI tools is that they’re never the finished product. They’re a great starting point, or something to dip into when you’re halfway through a project but have gotten stuck. AI is improving constantly, 

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